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My Headshot Journey

Over the last few months I have found myself really loving the art of taking a photo of someone's head. LOL. I know this may sound funny but honestly it does something for me I never really get out of doing makeup. I find myself getting more and more creative with makeup as I learn about the mechanisms of a camera. Recently I purchased a #Canon 5D Mark IV. This coupled with a few of my previously owned lenses has really brought out the best in what my staff and I do! Thank you in advance for reading, growing and supporting us! From the bottom of my heart WE thank you.

Photo Details:

Model- Mariah Armknecht

Makeup + Hair - Taylor McKenzie

Photographer - Taylor McKenzie

Studio Space - Paper Bag Beauty

Camera Details - Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 35MM 1.4MM

Makeup Details:

#NARS All Day Luminous Foundation - Syracuse

#NYXCosmetics Natural Lipliner

#SEPHORA Nude Natural Lipgloss

#Ardellelashes individual short and medium on ends of lashes

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