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Married in Corona - The Best Elopement Ideas in Las Vegas - 2020 Bridal Season

Have you been scrambling to reassess your wedding plans thanks to COVID-19? Don't fret! Here are the best elopement ideas we have seen this season.

Outdoor Elopements

  1. Red Rock National Park- This is an oldie but goodie for anyone who has been around the Las Vegas area. Find an amazing photographer, a bottle of champagne and get ready for a beautiful photo story!

  2. Valley of Fire- This destinations is starting to cool down around October. The earthy tones and unique light can be an amazing desitinatoin for two. Make sure you bring water and a filters for the camera.

  3. Neon Museum Las Vegas- This is such a cool location for the fun and quirky! Huge historic signs and a bright white sand floor makes photos phenomenal. Plus you can have loved ones attend!

P.S. Adding colorful florals with the outdoor scenery is absolute perfection. (chef's kiss gesture) Check out @layersoflovley or @cityblossomslv

Photo by Taylor McKenzie @thelightandthelove workshop- Makeup Taylor McKenzie

High End Hair and Makeup

Saving the pennies is key but I highly recommend you splurge on self care for your wedding day! The glam of sitting in your robe, enjoying a drink and taking in the day is such a special thing. Small gatherings are all about you and your love. Intimate photos and picturesk backdrops are a quintessential canvas for your beauty, make sure you maximize it and have fun!

Photo Hayley Ringo -Wedding- Alexa Flynn-Planner- Ashley Creative - Makeup Taylor McKenzie

Colored Dresses

Little explanation is needed here. Non traditional gold or rust colors look amazing in the outdoor scene.

Photo By Britt Maxwell @thelightandthelove- Makeup Taylor McKenzie


The photos around vegas are soooo fun. Pick a photogapher that matches your inner soul. Here is a few options I have the privilege of working for often.

Indie - Earthy Vibe- Britt Maxwell @thelightandthelove

Warm and High Contrast- April Paredes @onyxandarrowphotogrpahy

Bright and Clean- Susie and Will - @susieandwill

Fun and Flirty- Courtney Pecorino - @courtneypecorinophoto

Soulful- Haley Ringo @haleyrynnringo

These are just a few awesome ladies I work with and as I write more you will see more talented and amazing creators. I am also planning a piece on wedding planners. A lot of clients request info about planners and I have a lot of fantastic recommendations. If you need further recommendations please reach out.

Hope some of this helps. I am working like a mad woman these days so I please forgive the slap dash presentation with this little thought bubble. Any questions or thoughts about your upcoming wedding?

XO - Taylor



All makeup was done by our beauty team in Las Vegas. Paper Bag Beauty- Las Vegas Makeup Artist, Las Vegas Bridal Hairstylist.


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