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Deux Rose Dermaplaning

Skincare is our latest craze at Deux Rose Beauty Refinery! One of our featured facial treatments is called, Dermaplaning. For those who are unfamiliar of what Dermaplaning is, the process is simple and the outcome is stunning. The purpose of this treatment is to exfoliate dead skin and facial hair by using a blade and gently going over the entire face. This is painless, non-invasive and is recommended to follow immediately after with a facial peel. The entirety of the treatment is about 35 minutes and is recommended to do once a month.

At our clinic, we begin by applying a thin layer of Betadine on the client’s face. This is a colored serum that assists the aesthetician in marking where the areas of the face they have already treated. Using a scalpel, our aesthetician gently removes dry skin and facial hair. Once completed, we recommend using a peel to compliment the Dermaplaning treatment. Depending on the client’s preference, we offer chemical and enzyme peels. After the peel is applied, the client’s skin is smooth and glowing!

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