Hello! I am Taylor Gresen-McKenzie. I am the owner and lead makeup artist at Paper Bag Beauty. Welcome to 2022. Most you have met me in the makeup chair, out on the town, online or via our wonderful Las Vegas Med Spa - Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery. However we may have met, thanks for stopping in. I have composed a little list of products I use that all my clients love.

Here is the pic of the one time I did my makeup for camera in 2021. All of the items in this pic are below. I spend a lot of time on my skin so there are a significant amount of skincare recommendations.

Enjoy x

-Taylor @alfiebauchman

After much request and planning I have finally composed my 2021 product picks. This year we felt like it would be best to publish the list so you could find links that directly support @PaperBagBeauty as a team.

You will notice linked sites, some of them may be affiliate links for our company and contributors. We appreciate your support in advance.




My transformation into adulthood has been so fun. Now that I am 31, I look back with such happiness. I got to be a chubby kid and grew into what is now a BMI acceptable adult. Other than loving a good beer and a tasty taco I have found balance in the kitchen and in most of my life. I Think the only habit that is hard to kick is my busy schedule.

My mom is a nurse injector named Nurse D. @PDO.RINDA on instagram. With a little dedication and our fabulous biz she has helped me GLOW-UP. Here are the products and the services that helped me flourish!

Now let's get down to brass tacks. As much as I wish I had some miracle story to tell you here the honest truth is, this transformation was slow (5-7 years). I encourage you all to go on a health journey that allows your body to find a stable and healthy weight for your height and lifestyle. That is key number one to beauty. Key two- find an esthetic provider that helps you reach goals in an approachable way. There is a mathematical approach to esthetics and that is how we practice at Deux Rosé. Finding balance and harmony amongst your already distinct features is what makes my job so fun! Choose wisely or better yet come visit our Las Vegas Location.



In addition to laser treatments I have personally had a few esthetic procedures that helped balance my face and have prevented early aging.

Welcome to the Med Spa @deuxrosebeautyrefinery on instagram.


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  • PDO Brow + Nose Lift - Brow Lift created a straightening to my brow that I love, it also opened my eyes. The Nose PDO corrected my downturned tip and created a very straight bridge.

  • Sculptra Cheek BioStimulant - I originally got cheek filler but needed the treatment too often because of my metabolism. I recommend getting Sculptra and PDO in the mid face if you are eligible. The results are more "snatched and natural" than traditional fillers. I also like how these treatments can create a slimness to the face.

  • Kybella - Double chin bye bye, fabulous to get if you are on a weight loss program as well.

  • Botox Brow Lift- My brows are incredibly frowny naturally. I love Dysport or Botox to lift the brow and stop the excessive expression creasing.

  • Dissolved Lips and Refilled - I have loved getting my lips done for the last 5 years. It was time to dissolve and reapply my filler.

FACIAL TREATMENTS - Click Links Below for More Info

  • RF Microneeding- Tightens skin, improves texture and makes you look amazing. I think out of all the treatments this is the best bang for the buck. It is little downtime with a big impact. Pair it with regular microneedling for a heavy resurfacing treatment.

  • Erbium YAG Resurfacing- Acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage are all good reasons to get an Erbium treatment. I get one once per year just as winter approaches to blast off all the damage from the Las Vegas summers. Downtime is 4+ days or so..

  • SKINPEN Microneedling- I attempt to get one of these every 6 weeks as a maintenance program to my exfoliation. If I don't have time to be makeup free for 2 days, opt for a chemical peel. Skin Pen has changed my skin with consistent use.

  • Chemical Peels- The creme de la creme. If you do nothing else for your skin in life, get a chemical peel a few times a year. Sun damage be gone! Whenever I get a chemical peel I always feel 5 days later I am a new person. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. My go to peel is SkinBetter 30, Illuminize Peel from SkinMedica or SkinCeuticals MicroSolutions. I have had VI Peels but am not fighting any major corrective issues and reserve my skin resurfacing for lasers.

Getting your skin ready for foundation and powders requires a bit of investment. Take your skincare seriously and get treatments a few times a year that help resurface and retexturize the skin. Also EXFOLIATE weekly.

I have only included products for most skin types. If you are looking for a personalized regimen please contact front desk for a consult with our esthetician at Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery

Helpful Tips:

- SkinBetter

Products can be purchased on our physician store please sign up first before searching for products. It will assign you to our store for easier access. Link is attached here.

- SkinMedica

products accumulate points for you in an application called Allē. It is Allergan's platform of which you can use your funds towards Botox or Juvederm Treatments.

- ZO

Can be a little harsh, if you are going for the gamete and purchasing all your products from ZO start slow. The serums and specialty products outside their exfoliators and cleansers are great but strong. It's worth it if you can weather the storm.

- Deux Rosé Beauty Refinery is our Med Spa in Las Vegas. If you just want us to box it up and ship it we can absolutely help you with phone consultations. Call 702-683-2831 and reference Paper Bag Beauty as your referring source. They will have a check out code for you worth 10% off your first purchase or services.