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Natural Light Studio Shots

Model - Shayna Laughman @shaynamarie

Isn't she GORGEOUS!? Shayna is always such a good model for me. She's natural, tall, funny and to top it off- sweet! This is the first time her and I were able to work together since I received the new camera. When discussing what we wanted to do for hair and makeup, Shay expressed her desire for a more natural (Calvin Klein) style. With that in mind, I kept makeup light and focused on the tan tones in her skin. Here is our final product and the breakdown of how we got it!

The Set Up:

Location : Paper Bag Beauty Studios, Las Vegas

Our set up for this shoot was actually in a doorway. Harold (my photography bestie) and I snapped away! I was loving the white backdrop and Shayna's position in front of our main doorway. The later hours of the day, 3pm- ish, brings the best light for this type of shoot.

The Camera:

The Makeup:

Makeup is a funny thing and to be truthful up until now I've had a more aggressive application style. It seems that a lot of the photos I love have natural components however are still very refined and clean. It's a balance that I strive to understand as much as I can each day. Below are the necessities you'll need to achieve this look.

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Airbrush Compressor and Gun

Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector - Opal and Moonstone mixed around the face.

The Hair

The natural texture was retained in her hair. Ouai wave spray made some texture and separation for a cool "beachy" look !

I hope this post helped some of you out. I always appreciate when photographers and artists share how to get some awesome work! I really love to share. Make sure to leave a comment, subscribe or be inspired! Sending lots of thanks and love from down here in Vegas!

Cheers till next time.....

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