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A Refresher on Rosewaters

Rosewater mists are trending product that I love incorporating in my personal beauty regime and on my clients. Heritage currently has two mists that can cater to two different skin needs so I wanted to explain the difference for our readers. Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin is a mist that people can use when setting makeup or prepping the face. When used for setting a final look, the glycerin in the mist creates a dewy texture that softens harsh powders. If a client has has dry skin, I like to prep the face with glycerin to lock in moisture and help makeup apply smoothly. On the other hand, Heritage Rosewater mist helps set makeup and can be reapplied throughout the day for moisture. Because it doesn’t include glycerin, it doesn’t create a dewy film, it simply replenishes modest moisture. These products are easy and inexpensive finds in organic food stores.

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