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50 Shades of Spray

No matter what time of year it is, glowing and sexy skin never goes out of style. Our Holy Trinity of spray tan solutions are Black Magic Ultra Vibe, Dolce Glow, and Vani-T Velocity. These colors cater to different skin tone needs and can also be mixed for custom blends for our beautiful clients all over the color spectrum.

Black Magic Ultra Vibe

is a true brown which produces a deep and dark tan. The solution works best for clients with red undertones and how long clients leave it on will influence the deepness level.

Dolce Glow

is the personal favorite of the Kardashian’s, this solution is famous for its warm results. This shade is suggested for medium to olive skin.

Vani-T Velocity

is recommended for fair skin or yellow undertones, Vani-T helps to produce a modest glow without an orange tint. This is ideal for a subtle, sunkissed glow for any occasion.

Custom Blends

can be achieved by mixing any of these solutions to achieve an array of shades for our clients based on their skin needs and spray tan occasion!

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