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How To Arrive To A Photoshoot

When you're just starting out as a model, arriving prepared to a photoshoot is important to help the flow of the day. The little things when preparing go a long way, so here are some quick tips on how to arrive to a photoshoot.

  • Arrive without makeup on unless otherwise specified. Put your fresh face forward! However, having your basic foundation, concealer, powder and mascara on hand is recommended.

  • Come with clean hair, trust me your hairstylist will thank you.

  • Bring basic clothing: nude underwear, tube tops, off the shoulder items, tight fitting white tops, things of this nature. You don't want clothing to be too busy.

  • Always bring at least two pairs of heels: one black and one nude.

  • Bring pasties, you'll never know how much you'll need them until you need them.

  • A great fitting pair of jeans goes a long way.

  • Be comfortable in your own skin! Practice your poses and know your angles, have fun with it!

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